Lawrence School Library Policies

Reading well is the foundation of your child’s education. Students at Lawrence begin visiting the library in kindergarten. Each week, they hear a story and have an opportunity to select a book. In kindergarten and first grade, books remain in the classroom. Beginning in second grade, books may be brought home at the discretion of the teacher.

Because school library books are expensive for parents to replace if lost or damaged, we have the following policies:

  • Library books are to be cared for and not treated as play toys. Students who take books home are reminded to be responsible and keep them away from food, drinks, young children and pets, etc., and use a bookmark. After reading, have student put the book in their backpack. Mark “Library Day” on your school lunch menu as an extra reminder.
  • Students should have their library book(s) at school each day for silent reading opportunities, and in case of changes to the library visit schedule. We strongly recommend that each student have a large zip-lock plastic bag in their backpack to protect and transport their library book(s) to and from home. Leaky water bottles and food can result in damage to books, necessitating replacement. Most library books now cost between $15 and $30 to replace, so we strongly encourage each family to purchase a box of large zip-lock bags for this reason.
  • Students who forget books must return them in good condition, or pay for lost books before checking out additional books. We appreciate your prompt cooperation.
  • Damaged books must be paid for if the school library tech cannot repair the damage. Note: Please do not attempt to tape torn book pages at home; send them in and we will repair them when possible with special book mending tape.
  • Students are to check out books for themselves, not for others at home. We encourage families to visit our local public library for books for other family members. Please assist your student with their responsibility to take good care of school library books by being sure they are carefully returned to the student’s backpack after home reading time.
  • We encourage you to spend time with your student and listen to them read aloud, at least five minutes each evening, in addition to the time teachers ask them to read by themselves. Reading experts also advise parents to read books aloud to their children through the eighth grade as a family time activity. Your child’s reading and vocabulary will greatly benefit from family story time.
  • General checkouts:
  • K – 1st grade: one book per week
  • 2nd – 3rd grade: one book and one magazine or two books.
  • 4th – 6th grade: two books and one magazine.
  • Students with frequent lost or late books will have limitations on their checkout at the discretion of the teacher or library media technician.
  • Students in 2nd through 6th grade who finish reading their books may visit the library during open recess times and check out new ones.